Well, as I’m sure you can deduce from the title, I am no longer on the ketogenic diet and I didn’t keep going for the full 3 week test period I was planning on.  As much as I wanted to give it the full three weeks and be able to report back that my body had fully adjusted, I was absolutely miserable by about day 3.  Even after day 3 though, I continued to try to stick to the keto diet lifestyle because I had posted on here and on social media that I was sticking it out for three weeks.  It made me feel like I was somehow obligated to follow through on my “experiment”, even though I was hating every second of it.

Thinking about it more made me realize that in the grand scheme of things, no one that follows my blog or social media accounts probably cares at all if I go back to my regular dieting plan, so there wasn’t really a point guilting myself into sticking to it for three weeks.  First of all, I know that I can lose weight without following the ketogenic diet.  The main reason that I was trying it out was to see if I could start magically shredding fat like crazy, but that part doesn’t come until your body adjusts and the adjustment period is ROUGH.  I also wanted to see if I could cut back on sugar and kick my cravings, but my cravings only seemed to get worse.  Maybe it’s not so bad for others but I am prone to hypoglycemia and I pass out/get lightheaded when I don’t have enough sugar in my blood.  That was something I didn’t really think about in advance of this little experiment and I certainly felt it by the end.

Needless to say, by day 6 of the keto diet I was working a double as a waitress at my part-time job and making it through the day with little to no sugar was terrible.  I had no energy and was feeling really weird, so I gave a little warning on social media that I wanted to stop keto (think “speak now or forever hold your peace” type warning) and then on Sunday I adjusted my macros back to normal, still keeping calories the same.  When I say “normal,” I basically just kept my protein intake the same and then made carbs and fats both equal as far as percentage of calories goes.  I’m much less worried now about where my carbs and fats end up, as long as I am staying in range of my calorie goal and hitting my protein intake.  Macro counting, also known as IIFYM (if it fits your macros) or flexible dieting is what I usually follow to keep my nutrition on track.  It’s easy to stick with because it doesn’t restrict any certain food group to make it “off limits,” as long as a food item fits within your allotted macros for the day you can eat it.  When something is “off limits” in my mind, it just makes me want it more and then I end up binging on said item, which is counter-productive.  This brings me back to why keto didn’t really work for me.

Knowing I couldn’t have chocolate made it really hard to think about anything else but chocolate.  Just sticking to keto for a week was like torture because of all the things I wanted but couldn’t have, and thinking about sticking to it for the full three weeks or long-term made me want to scream.  I knew before the end of the 6 days that it wouldn’t be sustainable long-term for me to stick to keto and stay in ketosis.  As far as experiments go, I guess you could say it was a failed experiment because I didn’t hold out for the three weeks to allow my body to adjust like I had originally planned, but my main question was whether or not the keto diet would work well for me.  Obviously I still got my answer there, which is a big fat NO!


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