So Much For Remission

It has been months since I have posted a blog entry.  Ooops.  A lot of that has to do with the severity and frequency of my symptoms.  For a while I felt like my autoimmune diseases controlled my life, and as my hive flare ups got fewer and further between I was excited to be getting my life back and putting this whole experience behind me.

Spoiler Alert: NOT SO MUCH

I have still been consistently working with my functional medicine doctor, Dr. Rosinski, although not really following everything he says.  It was really rough for me sticking to an autoimmune paleo/low histamine diet because it felt like EVERYTHING was restricted.  I also wasn’t that great with sticking to taking my supplements because my thyroid is always swollen so I have to choke them down and 8 – 10 pills per meal is not really a fun thing to have to do consistently.  Regardless, my symptoms were improving and slowly I got to where I was taking my antihistamines only once every 24 hours.  Then it progressed even further to where I would go a few days and only use the antihistamines as needed.  Even then, my flare ups were super mild and I stopped being itchy almost immediately after taking my antihistamines.  All signs pointed in the direction of me going into “remission” where my diseases and symptoms are mostly under control.  I don’t really know what to contribute that to, because like I said I wasn’t really doing the things I was supposed to as far as diet and taking my supplements goes.  I guess I’m going to give Dr. Rosinski the credit because he is who I have been working with on this and I did do SOME things he told me to at least.

On July 17th I had a jiu jitsu competition in New York and I noticed that the week beforehand my hives started to get a little more frequent and severe.  I didn’t think much of it because I figured that after the competition they would calm down again.  For whatever reason (I’m thinking because I’m crazy), I decided the Monday after my jiu jitsu competition in New York that I would sign up for yet another competition July 30th.  I figured it was only two weeks away so not too much time to stress over it and then it would be over with.  I am now starting to think it was a bad idea because my hives have increased to where I am slowly getting back to having to take antihistamines twice in a 24 hour period, plus my flare ups take much longer to subside even after taking the pills.  Essentially it is starting to get back to where I was before I made all this progress it feels, and I am scared that it will get to a point where I have to go back on steroids.  I am still clinging to the chance that the hives will slowly calm down again after the competition in a couple of days.  After all, it is only 2 days away at this point.

Besides hoping for the best post-competition, I have been doing what I can by getting back on top of taking my functional medicine supplements like Dr. Rosinski suggests.  I am still not following an autoimmune paleo diet like I probably should be (and like Dr. Rosinski would like me to be), but I am starting to make a stronger effort to be gluten free at the very least, since that is one of the more harmful things that can get into your bloodstream through leaky gut syndrome.  Dr. Rosinski told me something along the lines of whatever makes up gluten looks very similar to your thyroid, which is one of the reasons your body attacks the thyroid and also why Hashimoto’s patients should make an extra effort to avoid gluten (oops again).

Another thing to note is I keep getting abscesses behind my ears for whatever reason and they seem to be becoming more frequent.  I got one a few months ago and got it drained but didn’t take any antibiotics for it because they said they didn’t think I would need it.  A couple months later I got another one on the same side, so again got it drained and this time I took half of the antibiotic prescription, but then they told me that the culture came back with no infection.  I stopped taking the antibiotics because I didn’t want it to ruin my leaky gut progress, but there is definitely a chance that the half course of antibiotics had an effect on my progress anyway.  Still, I think the most noticeable changes in symptoms have been when I am really high stress, even if it is subconscious stress.

So that’s my update on my medical condition(s).  They have come back to haunt me and it is just a reminder that autoimmune disease is treatable but not curable, and it is something I am going to have to learn to deal with and manage for the rest of my life.  Regardless of whether other people understand it, I need to get back to focusing on taking care of myself first instead of giving in to the pressure to always do more, more, more.  Still a work in progress.