It is officially the ninth day of me being on my supplement plan.  Things have definitely not been easy.  On Saturday morning I woke up with crazy hives and my bottom lip was swollen.  That is the first time anything has been swollen in awhile, so it made me pretty concerned.  I emailed Dr. Rosinski right away and asked him if it was possible that I could get worse before I get better.  He assured me that it is very common for people to get worse before they get better.  He also mentioned that the increase in B vitamins could be assisting my methylation pathway (yeah I have no idea what that really means either) and thereby see an increase in histamine until it clears correctly.  I popped some more antihistamines and tried to relax, because that’s all I could really do.  Basically ever since Saturday though I have been super hivey and itchy and my nighttime flare ups have been ridiculous.  I haven’t had any more swollen parts since Saturday though, so I guess that is progress.  It definitely freaked me out when it first happened though, because I wasn’t expecting things to get worse.

Work over the weekend went well and it didn’t interfere with my eating.  I was able to get a nice break in on Saturday and then on Sunday I ended up not working my dinner shift.  Also, my mom has been trying to help me cope with all of these ridiculous eating restrictions so being the awesome homemaker she is, she started looking up recipes that I can eat on my elimination diet and making things for me.  Over the weekend she dropped off zucchini lasagna with no-mato sauce, coconut macaroons, and some chicken breast with a cranberry glaze she made.  She also got me a George Foreman grill so I can quickly cook my meats fresh at home and not have to worry as much about the leftover meat thing.  My mom (and actually both of my parents) are seriously so amazing and supportiveI really don’t know what I would do without them.  Not to mention, the food was delicious.  Seriously, all of it was.  I am a huge fan of the zucchini lasagna and she gave me all of the leftover no-mato sauce so that I can use that on zoodles (zucchini noodles).  Also the cranberry glaze is so freaking delicious and with my new grill it’s so easy to grill a chicken breast and throw some glaze on it.  Not to mention the coconut macaroons.  They are like cookies!  Didn’t think I would be experiencing that type of taste/texture for awhile but I am certainly glad that I can.  Later on in the week my mom had my dad drop off some type of casserole made with ground beef, apple, and a plantain crust.  That was really good too and I finished my last portion of that today.  I loved the sweetness of the apple because I miss my sweets!  Especially chocolate.  I’m dying for chocolate.

Last night I finally made plantain biscuits, because one of the tastes/textures I miss the most is BREAD.  Yes, I love my carbs and I wanted some kind of bread simulation and this recipe literally has three ingredients and one of them is salt.  Can’t get any easier than that, can you?  With that said, it didn’t taste a ridiculous amount like bread.  It was really dense and not fluffy like a biscuit as expected, but I dipped it in some maple syrup and it was worth it.  Another thing I tried making last night was non-dairy AIP cheese sauce.  I really just had to blend all of the ingredients together last night.  I haven’t tried it warm yet but it is pretty good cold, although it doesn’t taste a whole hell of a lot like cheese.

I have gotten a lot better at gargling, but I still hate doing it.  Not only do I run out of breath while doing it but it also hurts my neck bending it back that far for so long.  My neck has been hurting a lot lately and I am not sure why, but nothing I can really do about that.  I have just been miserable with hives and not feeling well at all.  I haven’t been able to go to jiu jitsu in awhile and I never get enough sleep because I am constantly waking up all hivey.  My next appointment with Dr. Rosinski is right around the corner though, so hopefully something will change then.  All I can do now is persevere until hopefully my hives start easing up a bit and the protocol starts to work.


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