When it started getting toward the end of the second week of February I began to think about planning for the last two weeks of February.  I started to realize that there were some things that I hadn’t gotten a chance to make.  I also had some extra ingredients from my last grocery trip, as well as some things that have been sitting in my freezer or pantry for some time just not being used.  With that in mind, I figured the best way to plan for the last two weeks of February is to look at what I already had in my kitchen and try to plan meals based off of those items.  For instance, I never got a chance to make the 7 pepper salmon, so I just carried that over into the meal plan for the next two weeks.  I also have a LOT of chicken breasts that I thought I would need for the bbq shredded chicken, so I planned to make another batch of bbq shredded chicken and a chicken marsala recipe to use up the chicken breasts.  By using ingredients I already had to plan my meals, I would only have to pick up a few extras to complete the recipes.  This means that my grocery list would be pretty short and I should hopefully save a lot of money.





The 7 pepper salmon and macaroons are both recipes I didn’t get to make the first two weeks of February.  The bbq shredded chicken and berry collagen smoothie I did get to make but I am making again because I still have those ingredients and they were both good recipes.  The turkey burgers I have had in my freezer for what feels like ages and the same goes for the brown rice and stuffing, which have been in my pantry.  I already have a lot of frozen green beans and broccoli to steam, so that is why they are on the list as well.  I italicized everything that I could make without having to go to the grocery store for a single ingredient and the three entrees that aren’t italicized only need one or two ingredients as well, because I already had the “protein” or meat for all of them.  As you can probably imagine, my grocery list was pretty minimal and I ended up spending way less than I did for the first two weeks just by utilizing things I already had.

I already made the 7 pepper salmon and the bbq shredded chicken, but I’m excited to make the chicken marsala because it will be my first time cooking with wine and that makes me feel fancy.  If I don’t make it tonight I will probably make it Thursday night, because I have an appointment for a massage scheduled so I will have a good bit of time after that.  I will be sure to make another post with pictures of how some of the other foods turned out.

Tomorrow I meet with Dr. Rosinski to start getting set up for all of my initial tests and to begin the functional medicine treatment with him.


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