The day has finally come!  I feel like I have been waiting to find out if I had allergies that were causing my hives forever now.  I had my appointment with the ENT today to go over the results of my blood allergy test and he walked into the room with a sheet of paper and said, “Well… you were right” as he handed me the paper.  I have no allergies.  NO FREAKING ALLERGIES.  Which means that the hives are being caused by some deeper issue (such as autoimmunity) and also means that both my primary care physician and my thyroid specialist were 100% WRONG in their assumption that allergies were the cause of my hives.  I wish I could see the look on my primary care physician’s face when she gets the results from my ENT and realizes just how wrong she was.

But anyway, that’s enough gloating for now because even though I knew I was right and being right feels good, it also means that there is no “magic fix” for my daily bouts of hives like the traditional doctors would have me believe.  Fixing this is going to be hard and take more time and a lot more effort on my part.  I only did strict AIP for 2 weeks and it wasn’t fun at all.  Now I am planning on proceeding with the functional medicine doctor, which is a relief because I do feel he is the only one who has been worried about finding out the root cause of my issues this whole time.  As much as it is a relief though, it also means I am going to need to seriously step my game up.  I need to take way better care of myself and it is going to take a good bit of discipline and effort over the next 6 months or so working with Dr. Rosinski to get myself back to a place of health.  It is not going to be fun, but I need to believe that it is going to be worth it and that I am going to get better someday.  I need to keep hope.  The lack of hope lately has really had me depressed, and I don’t use that word lightly.  This could be a turning point though.  It has to be.  I have waited months for these results and now it is time to take action and charge forward.

In addition to the functional medicine doctor (Dr. Rosinski), the ENT suggested that I see a rheumatologist.  Many people don’t know that rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease and it sounds like rheumatologists are the closest thing traditional medicine has to an autoimmune specialist.  I don’t know how soon I will be getting in with one because I need to have my primary care physician refer me to one due to my insurance.  I have a Keystone HMO plan which not only has a pretty high deductible but also requires me to jump through hoops when it comes to referrals for specialists.  Not ideal when I am dealing with a serious health conundrum.  I don’t know what the rheumatologist will involve but I feel like exploring more options is always the best option.  I need to get to the bottom of this.

So there you have it.  I have a plan.  I am going to get in touch with Dr. Rosinski and make another appointment with him to start his 6 month program.  I am also going to call my primary care physician in a few days to see what else I need to do to get an appointment scheduled with a rheumatologist.

And it’s not. freaking. allergies.


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