So believe it or not, I allowed myself to fall pretty far off the horse over the Christmas holiday.  I decided to treat it as a “test” to see if the diet is really affecting my symptoms or not.  A couple of my flare ups before Christmas had come well after the 12 hour mark, such as at 14 and even 16 hours after my last flare up.  This was huge progress in my mind, so I figured since I was seeing progress it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to cheat a bit.  After all, if I then started seeing less progress and increased flare ups it would essentially confirm that AIP was having a large part in my progress.

I had chocolate, dairy, gluten, sugar and caffeine – and those are just the really bad ones that I can think of.  And really, when I say chocolate I mean SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE.  Like 4 Hershey’s dark chocolate bars in one day yesterday and a chocolate molten lava cake all to myself.

So for the results.  My flare ups are still fairly mild and confined to certain areas compared to when they were at their worst.  My most recent flare up came at 7 hours but the one before that came at 14 hours, so it is really hard to tell if the food is making a difference or if the flare ups are just random, or even if they are being affected by something else.  With that said, the two flare ups before the 14 hour one were both at 9 hours and the one before that was at 11 hours, so it would seem to imply that when I started eating poorly the flare ups starting getting more frequent.  Obviously this wasn’t a real definitive test, but it is enough that I decided to get back on track today and start over with strict AIP for a bit, which makes today officially Day 1 of me re-starting strict AIP.

As far as my appointments go, I met with Dr. Joshua Rosinski on Christmas Eve which went really well.  He is a functional medicine doctor and would walk me through a 6 month program to get my autoimmune issues under control and help me make the necessary lifestyle and diet changes to do so.  Unfortunately, functional medicine is not covered by insurance and it would be a large out of pocket cost.  I made a deal with my parents that we would wait until March 1st, which is about two months from now, and if the traditional medicine doctors haven’t gotten my hives under control and gotten me off steroids by then, then I will proceed with Dr. Rosinski and the holistic route.  By March I will have had my ultrasound of my thyroid and extra blood work done and reviewed by my thyroid specialist, Dr. A, and I will also have the results of my allergy testing back.  Additionally, the extra time will be more than enough time to see if the synthroid and selenium are working to fix my Hashimoto’s.  I explained to Dr. Rosinski that I need to be 100% sure that functional medicine is my only option left before I invest that kind of money.  It would be lovely if I can get this taken care of with just the pills, but I am highly doubtful that is going to happen.  In the meantime, I am just going to continue to do what I can by following AIP on my own.

Tonight I am having an AIP cooking session, so I will possibly have pictures and recipe for my next post!


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