AIP Carrot and Sweet Potato “Chili”

On Monday night an AIP friend of mine (his name is Jon and actually – he is the only AIP person I know) came over to show me a recipe that he likes to make.  Little did I know that the recipe was a Mickey Trescott creation!  She calls it AIP carrot and sweet potato “chili” and it is absolutely delicious.  You can follow the link to the recipe on her website.

Mickey Trescott’s AIP Carrot and Sweet Potato “Chili”

I thought I should include a photo of my own so here you go – our finished product.

Our attempt at making AIP Carrot and Sweet Potato “Chili”

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Day 1 AIP “Re-Start”

So believe it or not, I allowed myself to fall pretty far off the horse over the Christmas holiday.  I decided to treat it as a “test” to see if the diet is really affecting my symptoms or not.  A couple of my flare ups before Christmas had come well after the 12 hour mark, such as at 14 and even 16 hours after my last flare up.  This was huge progress in my mind, so I figured since I was seeing progress it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to cheat a bit.  After all, if I then started seeing less progress and increased flare ups it would essentially confirm that AIP was having a large part in my progress.

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How it all began…

The hives first came the morning after I decided I was going to compete in my first jiu jitsu competition. It was about August. I woke up to go to a meeting at Longhorn (my part-time job) on a Saturday morning and realized I had them.  At Longhorn my boss gave me some Benadryl and they started to fade.

Leading up to the competition I had hives repeatedly, but every time I took Benadryl or Claritin they would slowly fade away.  My parents assumed it was stress due to the idea of the the competition but I wasn’t as sure, since I have always been a huge stress case 24/7 and never had hives in the past really.

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